Services from Schunk Xycarb Technology

The right materials for your application


At Schunk Xycarb Technology, we understand that our success is tied to that of our customers. By listening first, collaborating through accepting the challenges that are meaningful to customers, we can help them deliver competitive products with higher yield and output. The services from Schunk Xycarb Technology are designed to address critical needs, such as efficiency and cost reduction, while also providing advanced service technologies to help customers optimize equipment and factory productivity.

Engineering & Consulting

Schunk Xycarb Technology plays a leading role in the engineering support of tooling for semiconductor manufacturing in new generations of wafer-processing equipment and in enhancing parts used in standard equipment.
Together with a team of engineers, our pre-production computer simulations provide in-depth information on coating properties, enabling us to manufacture parts to extremely close tolerances. For analytical purposes we have SEM, EDAX, XRD and GDMS equipment in house. Our advanced research facilities develop new materials with application-tailored chemical and physical properties.
Our global network is based on long term cooperation with partners and customers from Germany to Japan.
Experienced professionals are driven by dedication to keep developing solutions and themselves.