Guidelines and legal notices of the Schunk Group

Environmental, Energy and Occupational Safety Policy of the Schunk Group

The Schunk Group with its manufacturing companies considers environmental protection, energy efficiency and occupational safety as a permanent task and an inherent part of its business. Besides a high quality of work and business success, environmental protection, energy efficiency, occupational safety and health protection belong to the main business objectives and corporate tasks.

Continuous improvement of occupational safety and health care based on both our own expertise and permanent scientific progress is our commitment.

Environmental protection today leads us away from mere treatment towards a more integrated approach – for the Schunk Group this includes the improvement of energy efficiency - with the responsibility to sustain human livelihood and to preserve nature as well as to reduce the impact on humans and nature when manufacturing, storing, transporting, selling and applying our products.

The Schunk Group is continuously improving its internal environmental policy and its energy efficiency. We ask our suppliers and external companies working on our company premises to observe the same environmental standards as we do.

When introducing new operations, new products, new technical equipment or processes, the impact on the environment and energy consumption is evaluated in advance. In doing so, the compliance with environmental regulatory requirements is a matter of course for us.

Applied environmental protection in all areas is a sign of high product quality. It secures our future by considerate exploitation of available resources, reduction of waste, energy consumption and environmentally unfriendly emissions, and prevention from runaway emissions during equipment malfunction.

An open and objective dialogue is the basis for mutual trust with citizens and authorities. We involve our employees by regular information and training, thus leading to ecology-minded thinking and acting and achieving our objectives.