Schunk Xycarb Technology

Pure Excellence

Schunk Xycarb Technology has received recognition by world's prestigious and technical organizations. We are proud of these awards and this recognition shows the value of our innovation and our commitment. Below we listed some of the awards and recognitions we received.

TSMC 2015
Best Supplier / Technical Support

SUMCO 2013
Graphite Supplier of the Year 

Genesis Photonics 2011
Genesis Photonics best service award

SUMCO 2009
Graphite Supplier of the Year 

SUMCO 2008
Graphite Supplier of the Year 

ASM Europe 2008
Excellent Teamwork Award for the successful development of 
SiC Coated Gas Dividers in ASM's Levitor RTP 

Siltronic perfect silicon solutions 2007
Supplier Award for Excellent and Reliable Partnership 

Infineon 2002
Based on the results of our Supplier Evaluation System, Infineon Technologies Austria AG is pleased to honor Xycarb Ceramics BV for good performance in class

Shin Etsu 1999
For commitment to product quality, service, support and technology development.

AIXTRON Performance Award 1996
Supplier of the Year
Custom-Designed Components 

Applied Materials 1991 Supplier Symposium
In recognition of outstanding overall supplier performance in the areas of Quality, Delivery, Value-Added Engineering, Cycle Time Reduction and Responsiveness