Applications from Schunk Xycarb Technology.

Suitable products for your application

Schunk Xycarb Technology supplies a full range of CVD SIC, Quartz and Lamps for tools by AMAT and Levitech.
High purity (CVD SiC and Si materials / coatings)
Low particles by CVD grown material
Dimensional accuracy by high precision machining capabilities and coating uniformity
High quality control standards to assure quality
Reliable and knowledgeable 2nd source
Knowledge teams in Application Management, Engineering, and R&D
Engineering support

Served platforms:

8” RTP: AMAT Centura XE & Radiance

  • Edge Ring  
  • Edge Ring flat type wafer  
  • Adapter Ring (6”)  
  • Edge Ring thin  
  • Wafer Support Cylinder 
  • Platform: 12” RTP: AMAT Radiance (+) 

RTP RadiancePlus chamber (Vantage)

  • Edge ring uni oxidized  
  • Wafer support cylinder  
  • ATM quartz disk (RE needed)
  • Platform: 12” RTP: AMAT Radiance (+) 

RTP Radiance chamber (Centura)

  • Edge ring silicon coated  
  • Wafer Support Cylinder  
  • ATM quartz disk