•  Radial Fans & Convection Fans from Schunk Carbon Technology

Radial Fans & Convection Fans

With our patented components made of CFC, we are setting new benchmarks here. Our CFC radial fans have been used successfully for years. They are characterized by application options in many atmospheres thanks to considerably less weight in comparison to steel and considerably greater effectiveness compared to "paddle fans."

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Significantly lower weight
  • Maximum operating temperature at full revolutions (no throttling required)
  • No creep, no deformation and no embrittlement equals longer service life
  • More even temperature distribution and better heat transfer
  • Improved energy and process efficiency
  • Significantly higher efficiency than simple “paddle fans”
  • One-piece impeller design, no screws and no joints
  • Given the improved efficiency, hydrogen can be replaced with nitrogen