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The Schunk Group is a technology corporation that is globally active, with 61 branches in 29 countries.

The Schunk Group employs over 8,000 people around the world. With four divisions (Schunk Carbon Technology, Schunk Sinter Metals, Schunk Sonosystems, and Weiss Technik), we offer incredible technological diversity – and maybe your dream job in the region, too.


Team spirit and mutual encouragement are the basis for joint success - and for fun at work.

We are proud of our team spirit. We want to continue to allow every employee to realize their own ideas and ideas, and thereby actively promote innovations. The Schunk Group places special emphasis on motivation and fun at the job and supports this, for example, by providing special training of the management staff. We also consider it particularly important to exemplify human versatility and further expand it: we continue to pay attention to the promotion of interculturality and the increased acquisition of female specialists and executives.


A job should offer challenges, but should not stand in the way of a fulfilled family life. At Schunk you get both.

We want to give new entrants and experienced professionals the opportunity to feel comfortable in the workplace and to have an active working day. In order to achieve this goal together, we have created several connecting points to support you in everyday life: at several of our locations we offer a wide range of sports and health services, ranging from ergonomic advice, sports events, to courses on quitting smoking. And should you be looking for flexible working time or a time out, we can also get together to work out a solution.

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