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Schunk Group Donates 7,754 Euros to the German Children's Fund

  • Schunk Group Donates 7,754 Euros to the German Children's Fund
    Dr. Arno Roth (CEO of the Schunk Group, Renate Pilz (Site Manager German Children's Fund) and Hans-Peter Schäfer (Chairman of the Group Works Council of the Schunk Group).

The Schunk Group supports the work of the German Children's Fund with a donation of 7,754 euros. On Wednesday, Dr. Arno Roth presented a cheque to the German Children's Fund at the headquarters of the technology company in Heuchelheim. The donation is intended to purchase four movement construction sites with which children can be encouraged to play together, intensively and in motion.

"Exercise is important for health," says Dr. Arno Roth, CEO of the Schunk Group. "That's why we launched the movement initiative "Schunk läuft!" with our employees last year." The idea of "Schunk läuft!": In guided running groups, the employees can get together and run together. Since spring 2017, beginners had beginner courses with running and Nordic walking trainers. Dr. Roth made a bet to get as many employees as possible involved: If all walked 100,000 kilometers together, Schunk wanted to give a donation to a non-profit organization.

The enthusiasm was great, at numerous internal and external running events like the Run'n'Roll for Help or the company run in Giessen, large running groups from Schunk in their green "Schunk läuft!" shirts were at the start. Even internationally, from Mexico to Japan, employees took part in running events; more than 450 employees worldwide had networked with each other via a running app and counted their kilometers, Dr. Roth described.

77,542 kilometres on the counter

77,542 kilometers were on the meter after one year. The 100,000-kilometer mark was missed, but the commitment of the employees should still be rewarded - especially since many employees started running because of "Schunk läuft!" "Therefore, the Schunk Group would like to make a donation of 7,754 euros available to the German Children's Fund. I am pleased that four more movement construction sites will enable children to enjoy movement in the future".

Movement construction site encourages children to play together

"A big thank you to the Schunk Group, whose donation enables the acquisition of four moving construction sites," said Renate Pilz, site manager of the German Children's Fund, at the donation ceremony. "A movement construction site not only promotes motor skills, but also the creativity and mental abilities of the children. Because who can balance backwards, can also calculate backwards. In this way, children's enjoyment of playing and their healthy development are equally supported".

A movement construction site is a versatile play equipment developed by scientists under pedagogical, motor and health-promoting aspects. In kindergartens, preschools and primary schools, it encourages children to play together, intensively and actively. They experience movement and body, deal with different materials, forms and situations and experience success in constructing and building in cooperation with other children. A moving construction site consists of simple wooden components that can be assembled like oversized building blocks. It is suitable for children between the ages of two and twelve. The children develop, construct and test play and movement spaces that can be reconstructed again and again. The individual components are difficult to move on their own. It is much more fun to build with others. This creates movement landscapes that can be climbed and played on in a variety of ways.

New charity run from September

Schunk's experience with the initiative "Schunk läuft!" are entirely positive. That is why the technology company wants to enter the second round with "Schunk läuft!" and start a new, worldwide charity run in September. "I hope that we will take the momentum of last year with us and that even more employees will join in than before," said Dr. Roth. For one year, employees around the world would then have time to collect kilometers to raise donations together. This time, the recipient is to be an institution outside Germany.

German Children's Fund

The German Children’s Fund (Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk e.V.) has been working for the rights of children in Germany for more than 45 years. Overcoming child poverty and involving children and young people in all matters affecting them are at the heart of the work as a children's rights organisation. The non-profit association is financed mainly by private donations.


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