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Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology GmbH

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At Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology in Obernzenn (near Nuremberg), Germany, we create solutions consisting of tailor-made materials that are specially developed for your requirements with respect to the automotive industry, household appliances, and slip ring applications. We are specialists in the production of laser-welded carbon springs, a technology that enables high current densities with minimal space requirements. Each year, we produce approximately 170 million serial parts that comply with automotive standards. Our location has its own development, application technology, material production, manufacturing, and sales divisions.

50 Years of Precision

The company was founded in 1969 under the name A.Gerhard Ing. Präzisionspresstechnik. Since 1996, it has been a joint venture between Andreas Gerhard and Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH, based in Heuchelheim, Germany. On account of the carbon products’ outstanding quality and the high level of innovation, the number of employees has steadily grown since then. Since the summer of 2017, the company has been called Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology GmbH.


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We Offer Secure Jobs and Career Opportunities

Largest local industrial employer
Franconia is not only a good and inexpensive place to live, but also a good and safe place to work - at Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology GmbH. We are constantly looking for technically skilled and well-trained employees in the areas of machine and tool manufacturing, quality assurance as well as production and administration.

Getting started with us
Regardless of whether you are still at the beginning of your professional career or already have many years of experience: many career paths lead to Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology. For example, you can start your apprenticeship with us. Or apply as an employee in machine and tool manufacturing, in production or quality assurance, or in the administration department. Together with you, we will further develop your specialist qualifications. We also offer attractive additional services.

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Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology GmbH

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