High-school students – Dip a toe in the water or learn a trade

If you like working on a team and are committed and reliable, the Schunk Group has a host of opportunities to offer you.

Apprenticeship – Get started in your career with bright prospects

Apprenticeship with the Schunk Group gives you lots of room to incorporate your ideas and experience exciting technologies which are in use all around the world. If you'd like to learn a profession with a future and are looking for a company which not only makes requirements of you, but also encourages you, you've found just the right place.

Good grades are important, but they're not everything. We're looking for trainees with team spirit who enjoy learning and discipline. If you are also friendly and get excited by new challenges, we're looking forward to receiving your application!

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Technical Training Professions
Commercial Training Professions
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Chemical Laboratory Assistant

You are interested in chemistry and like to perform experiments? Then training as a chemical laboratory assistant is right for you.

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Manual skills and an interest in food are needed when you decide to train as cook.

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Electronics Engineer for Industrial Engineering

Technical skill and an interest in electronics are in demand when you decide for training as an electronics engineer for industrial engineering.

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Industrial Clerk

You like to work together in a team and on the computer, be communicative, and organize? Then this apprenticeship is the way to your dream profession

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Industrial Ceramist

If you are interested in materials and production processes, training as an industrial ceramist is just right for you.

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Industrial Mechanic

Are you fascinated by large production plants and complex technology? Then train as an industrial mechanic at Schunk.

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IT Management Assistant

You would like to become an IT specialist and you are communicative with an understanding for complex technical contexts?

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Machine and plant operator in metal and plastics technology

You are enthusiastic about technology and are interested in production machines and plants? Then become a machine and plant operator!

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Materials Tester

You are good at chemistry, interested in materials and like to analyze? Training as a materials tester is just right for you.

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Mechatronics Engineer for Refrigeration Engineering

Do you love extremes? Whether bitter cold or sizzling heat – you become a climate specialist when training to become a mechatronics engineer for refrigeration technology.

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Mechatronics Engineer

Two in one: If you are interested in both mechanical systems and electronics, training as a mechatronics engineer is just right for you.

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Metal Fitter

Designing with metal? As a future metal fitter with a specialty in fine metal construction, this is exactly what you will do.

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Milling Machine Operator

In you are interested in technical training and precise working is your strength, becoming a milling machine operator might be just right for you.

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Process Mechanic

You like high-tech and have technical skills? These are great prerequisites for training as a process mechanic.

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Physics Laboratory Assistant

You should be interested in the natural sciences and have fun performing experiments if you want to train as a physical laboratory assistant.

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Technical Systems Engineer

If you like to draw and have a fascination for technology, training to become a technical systems engineer might be right for you.

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You would like to work with machines, but also have technical skills? This is a good combination for training as a toolmaker.

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