The Divisions of the Schunk Group

Five units for global success

As a globally active technology company, Schunk produces custom-tailored high-tech products and systems in the areas of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and air conditioning technology, sintered metals and ultrasonic welding. Thanks to its innovative strength and many years of experience, Schunk is a leader in its markets. To align its core competencies with relevant markets, Schunk divides these areas into five divisions: Schunk Carbon Technology, Weiss Technik, Schunk Sinter Metals, Schunk Sonosystems and OptoTech.

Schunk Carbon Technology

Schunk Carbon Technology is a global leader in the development, manufacture and application of carbon and ceramic solutions.

Weiss Technik

Weiss Technik is one of the most innovative and major manufacturers of environmental simulation systems, heat technology, reliable air conditioning solutions and sophisticated clean-air and containment solutions in the world.

Schunk Sinter Metals

Schunk Sinter Metals is an expert in the manufacture of sintered metal parts, the process of axial pressing technology and in metal powder injection-molding technology (MIM).

Schunk Sonosystems

The Schunk Sonosystems division is an impressive globally leading specialist in the provision of system solutions and modular system concepts for ultrasonic metal welding.


In the circle of optical machinery manufacturers, OptoTech is considered to be one of the leaders on the world market when it comes to technology and process engineering for precision optics, ophthalmics, metrology and vacuum coatings