Digital Maintenance of Rail Systems

Simplify rail operations and maintenance with intelligent digital solutions

With our process solutions in the area of Digital Maintenance, we support you in the safe operation and efficient condition-based maintenance of your Schunk railroad systems. The measures that have already been established and those that are currently being developed form a modular system that you can use according to your requirements.

Efficient maintenance concepts for safe rail operations

Vehicle availability is the most important thing in rail technology. Maintenance is becoming increasingly important - the reactive "find and fix" approach is to be replaced by a proactive, condition-based maintenance strategy. The widespread deadline-based condition monitoring, which involves taking snapshots of the condition of rail vehicles, is repeatedly criticized for incomplete data collection. Between assessment dates, performance of components may change, which in the worst case may lead to operational failure of the rail vehicle. Automated condition monitoring helps to close this data gap and to take preventive repair measures in good time.

Digitized maintenance of railroad operations

At Schunk Transit Systems, we rely on digital predictive maintenance for complex systems, which can prevent unfavorable failures thanks to continuous inspection and early detection of faults and wear. We are able to equip Schunk power transmission systems with modern digital features and sensors that report their status continuously and automatically. Thus, you always receive the current maintenance documentation with the technical condition data and forecasts regarding the potential for faults.

Digital Maintenance from Schunk Transit Systems

  • automated data transmission continuous monitoring
  • early detection of faults
  • more efficient planning of maintenance work
  • time and cost savings
  • in-vehicle digitization
  • new equipment as well as retrofitting

Competencies in the digital area

For precisely tailored digital maintenance process solutions, we develop corresponding competencies in the areas of sensor technology, cloud appliances, GUI/dashboards, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, data processing, algorithms and machine learning. All of this, coupled with our extensive market access and comprehensive know-how of the requirements in the railroad market, makes Schunk your international pioneering development partner.

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