Conductive Charging Solutions for Electric Buses

Schunk Transit System ensures clean and efficient public transportation

More and more municipalities are banning diesel-powered gensets in favor of zero-emission, battery-driven buses and other vehicles. Our innovative Schunk Smart Charging system is the key to integrating this into everyday operations - by optimizing the range and charging times of the batteries.

Schunk Smart Charging enables reliable charging of the batteries of electric buses on the route or in the depot within seconds. This means that batteries can already be sufficiently charged while passengers are getting on and off at a bus stop. Even completely empty batteries can be charged in less than 20 minutes. This is made possible by safe and fast contacting as well as ultra-high power transmission via our roof-mounted charging current collectors and inverted current collectors. Thanks to years of development expertise, we are setting unprecedented standards in the market segment for conductive, fully automatic recharging of e-buses.