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Machines for Ophthalmic Lens Production

Manual and automatic machinery for taping, blocking, milling, turning, polishing, engraving and de-blocking of single vision lenses and progressive lenses made of plastic or mineral glass

  • Machines for Ophthalmic Lens Production

    Whether manual or automatic, standard or freeform lenses, whether plastic or mineral glass - OptoTech is the system supplier for the production of ophthalmic lenses.

The company became successfully active in the field of ophthalmics in 1999. This expansion was based on already existing technologies and knowledge from the field of precision optics. The ophthalmics sector was penetrated in combination with targeted further developments, in particular individualised, freeform lenses for glasses. Today, OptoTech’s production systems for this market segment have become well established around the globe.
Our technology and system concept provides prescription production facilities of every size with custom tailored solutions. Our current product range encompasses pre-processing, polishing, measuring, Rx software, protection, deblocking, blocking, marking, cleaning, mould making, automation and accessories. And thus in the meantime, we’re a system supplier in the ophthalmics industry – in all disciplines required for making glasses. We offer machine solutions for all plastic and silicate products such as mass-produced lenses, prescription lenses and casting moulds for any desired products. This concept is globally unique and absolutely unbeatable.
The highlight of our ophthalmic division is mould making: the production of high-precision glass moulds for pouring semi-finished progressive or a-toric lenses is the royal discipline in the ophthalmic industry. OptoTech is the absolute market leader in this area, and offers a full range of machines for digital production of glass moulds. In combination with precision measuring technology for monitoring production, the highly innovative manufacturing method makes our concept unique. OptoTech offers a complete system including machines, software and process training.

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