Carbon Components

Components made of carbon, graphite, carbon fiber-reinforced carbon (CFC), silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and quartz for your industrial business.

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    As a development partner, we offer leading material technologies for almost limitless possibilities.

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Mechanical Carbon

The smooth path to greater efficiency

Utilize our comprehensive expertise in the development, production and processing of carbon and silicon carbide materials and their tribological behaviors. Our portfolio includes materials for seals, slide bearings and pump components characterized by low frictional coefficients, high resistance to wear and application in almost every chemical medium and a broad range of temperatures. In the automotive field, our materials and components make a valuable contribution to reducing consumption and increasing safety and comfort.

Electrical Carbon

The Future of Current Transmission

Reliability, efficiency and economy in current transmission will be decisive for expanding renewable energies, e-mobility, rail transport and for optimizing industrial processes. Our technological edge in these fields makes us a powerful development partner as we already offer today refined technology for the demands of tomorrow. From intelligent fast-charging systems, components for trouble-free electrical drives to high-speed pantographs, third-rail systems and high-performance parts for energy-efficient wind turbines.

Thermal Carbon

For High Temperatures and Even Higher Demands

Everywhere where high temperatures place high demands on material properties, our solutions are the first choice: in furnace design, for heat treatment in the processing of glass, in the production of semiconductors and solar cells or in analysis technology. In addition to graphite, we also produce components made of carbon-fiber-reinforced carbon (CFC). As leaders in the fields of purifying and coating (SiC, pyrolytic carbon) graphite and CFC, we can deliver extremely pure and highly-resistant products.

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