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Weiss Technik

Test it. Heat it. Cool it.

  • Climate test chambers

    Seasonal differences, different climate zones – Your products have to stand up to different thermal and climatic conditions during manufacture, transportation, storage and use. Our climate exposure test cabinets help you to test the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, functions and service life of your products. Reproducibly, certifiably and at an accelerated pace.

  • Space simulator

    Test in the conditions of space with your feet firmly on the ground. Our temperature vacuum chambers precisely recreate the conditions of space, allowing testing in a completely controlled environment.

  • CoolW@ll®

    A completely novel innovation in the field of IT air conditioning. CoolW@ll® transforms the entire technology room into a cooling unit and enables an extremely high cooling capacity with low energy consumption. Since the technology is built into the wall, little space is lost in the server room. Climate exposure test cabinets can be dispensed with altogether.

  • Emission test chambers

    Materials and components of all kinds release undesirable substances: The goal of emission tests is to detect and determine the concentration of these substances. We offer systems in every demanded size for qualitative and quantitative emission analysis.

  • Microwave systems

    VHM Hephaistos enables fast and energy-efficient production processes through the use of microwaves. This internationally patented system guarantees reduced production costs through shorter heat-up, processing and cooling times, e.g. for the curing of carbon-reinforced plastic components. In comparison to conventional procedures, process times can be cut in half and energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.

  • Vehicle test chambers

    As motor vehicles are subjected to changing effects of the environment more than any other mass-produced product, great value is placed on reliability, service life and operating safety. Testing systems from Weiss enable reproducible and guideline-compliant testing conditions for the automotive industry.

  • Clean air ceilings for operating rooms

    For the protection of patients against germs, operating rooms require optimum ventilation. For over four decades, Weiss has set standards in the research and development of air conditioning solutions for the most stringent demands. This includes, among other things, operating room clean air ceilings which form a sterile protection zone around the operating room and instrument table, as well as the operating room personnel through special incoming and outgoing air currents.

  • WIBObarrier® closed containment system

    The safe processing of highly effective pharmaceutical substances requires high-containment solutions. Our WIBObarrier® safety workstations ensure the reliable protection of employees and product protection in accordance with DIN EN 14644-1. We offer our customers innovative and custom-tailored solutions for optimizing product safety and quality.

The Weiss Technik division's solutions are deployed around the world in research, development, production and quality assurance of numerous products. Our experts are available at 21 locations in 14 countries, ready to provide support services to ensure high operational reliability of your systems.

Environmental simulation systems

Weiss Umwelttechnik is one of the most innovative and pre-eminent manufacturers of environmental simulation systems. With these testing systems, we can simulate all climate conditions around the globe, and beyond in time lapse. Whether temperature, climate, corrosion, dust or combined shock testing: We have the proper solution. We supply systems in all sizes, from standard versions up to customized, process-integrated facilities for high reproducibility and precise test results.

Heat technology

Our subsidiary Vötsch Industrietechnik also offers a wide product portfolio in the field of heat technology. With an experienced team of engineers and designers, we develop, plan and produce high-quality and reliable heat technology systems for virtually any field of application. Products include heating/drying ovens, clean-room drying ovens, hot-air sterilisers, microwave systems and oven systems. The programme reaches from technologically sophisticated standard versions to customised solutions for individual production operations.

Air conditioning solutions

A further Weiss Technik company, Weiss Klimatechnik, also offers reliable climate solutions wherever people and machinery are challenged: in industrial production processes, hospitals, mobile operating tents or in the area of IT and telecommunications technology. As one of the leading providers of professional clean-room and climate solutions, we deliver effective and energy-saving solutions and expertly guide you through your entire project, from planning to implementation.

Clean air and containment solutions

Our subsidiary Weiss Pharmatechnik is a competent provider of sophisticated clean air and containment solutions. The product range includes barrier systems, laminar flow facilities, security work benches, isolators and double door systems. The company emerged from Weiss GWE and BDK Luft- und Reinraumtechnik and has many years of experience in clean-room technology.

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