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Schunk Sonosystems

Development and production of solutions for ultrasonic metal welding

  • Minic-III

    Ultrasonic welding systems join metals using high-frequency mechanical vibrations. The result is high-quality, metallurgically pure wire-to-wire splices. This makes it perfect for welding wiring harnesses in vehicles. The Minic-III impresses with its compact design for board and table mounting, ergonomic design, insertion aids and a waste box. It's cross-section range of 2 x 0.13 mm² to over 30 mm² covers nearly every node application.

  • Universal welding system

    The modular LS-C system concept joins, among other things, copper and aluminum lines to a wide variety of different contact parts, such as ground contacts. Whether it's in the automotive industry or for battery manufacturing, the welding system with a cross-section range from 6 mm² bis 200 mm² can be integrated into automated production lines and offers optimum accessibility to the welding area.

  • Wire welding machine

    The LS-200 impresses with welding nodes up to 200 mm² and an intelligent cooling system, which reduces the energy consumption for wiring harness welding to a minimum. Just like almost every welding system from Schunk Sonosystems, it enables dynamic setpoint adjustment, comprehensive process control and documentation and a network connection.

The Schunk Sonosystems division has developed into a globally leading specialist in the field of ultrasonic metal welding. Thanks to intensive fundamental research and a host of innovations, we have given ourselves a big technological lead. Our system solutions also fulfill the most stringent requirements for use in the automotive industry. When it comes to the electrical "nervous system" of a vehicle, the wiring harness, Schunk Sonosystems has ensured millions of perfect connections around the world.

Ultrasonic welding is a future-oriented process that joins metals together using ultrasound. In addition to copper and aluminum connections, metal and glass can be joined together. In this process, the materials are placed on top of one another and moved against one another under low pressure and high-frequency mechanical vibrations. In just a fraction of a second, a permanent, solid and metallurgically pure joint with outstanding physical properties is created without thermally stressing the components. All this yields a high-quality and economically superior alternative which doesn't require filler materials.

Products which leave production facilities with the Schunk Sonosystems name are complete system solutions from a single source. Beyond the standard machine range, Schunk also offers a modular system concept. This enables the integration of ultrasonic systems into complex assembly lines. The range of products spans from welding systems for the wiring harness industry to ultrasonic pipe welding tongs to gas-tight sealing of cooling systems to complex special systems for the solar, electronics and semiconductor industries, as well as for the manufacture of batteries. All the systems are characterized by their flexibility in use, ease of connection, minimal operating costs and comprehensive process monitoring.

Another decisive plus is the comprehensive global service provided for all Schunk system solutions, from conventional ultrasonic welding machines to complex automation both with and without ultrasound. This includes our training centers and machine inspection centers for effective handling of equipment, the Schunk online service or Schunk online diagnostics, e.g. for the optimization of welding parameters.