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Schunk Sinter Metals

Manufacture of sintered metal parts using axial pressing technology and metal powder injection-molding technology (MIM)

  • Guide block

    The guide block is part of a variable valve controller and contributes to the precise control of valves thanks to its precise shape. Consumption and emission values are optimized, and smooth motor running ensured in this way.

  • Output gear

    The output gear from Schunk Sinter Metals safely transfers the clamping and releasing force in an electric parking break to the brake caliper. The helically cut sintered part ensures even friction behavior thanks to its oil saturation here.

  • Stator with chain wheel

    The stator with chain wheel is a component of the camshaft adjuster. This highly complex component made of sintered metal simultaneously serves as a housing and as a carrier of the chain wheel.

  • Timing belt cog

    Timing belt cogs are used in a variety of drive systems both in and around the motor. This complex component was developed specifically for driving a water pump and features one pressed-on flanged wheel and one welded-on flanged wheel.

  • Actuator lever

    The actuator lever serves to connect the actuator to the control components in the exhaust turbocharger. This component is especially wear- and corrosion-resistant thanks to its being manufactured using metal powder injection-molding technology (MIM) and the material used. The integrated design of this lever also makes it lightweight.

With over 90 years of experience in powder metallurgy, the Sinter Metals division is your technology and development partner for the manufacture of sintered metal parts, both in the axial pressing technology process and in metal powder injection-molding technology (MIM). We manufacture high-precision sintered parts at our locations in Germany and Mexico.

Components from Schunk are primarily used in the automotive industry, where they bring both speed and safety to the streets of the world. A car doesn't move without sintered parts. This is why Schunk parts are found in the engine and its peripheral parts, like turbo chargers, injection systems, pumps, valve controllers and in brake and security systems, seat adjustment mechanisms and in sensors and actuators.

Molded sintered parts and bearings, as well as metal powder injection-molded parts from Schunk Sinter Metals stand for safety and trust. You can rely on our components, because we follow the zero-error philosophy.