Machinery and systems for precision optics, ophthalmics, metrology and vacuum coatings

  • Machines for Precision Optics

    Because quality matters - precision optics machinery from OptoTech

  • System Supplier for the Ophthalmic Industry

    Maintain the vision - with the latest technology for ophthalmic lens production from OptoTech

  • Vacuum Coating Systems for Optical Components

    Coatings for all demands of the optical industry

  • Metrology for the Optical Industry

    Measuring instruments that are optimally matched to the optics processing cells

Since the company was founded in 1985, the OptoTech name has represented innovation and technological advancement in optical manufacturing equipment. OptoTech offers the broadest range of machinery and process technology available on the world market for both precision and ophthalmic optics. Pre-processing, generating, polishing, measuring and post-processing – we always offer a complete line of equipment for all manufacturing needs. Even the complete production process for an optical component can be supplied, if desired. Sales and service personnel at 8 international locations guarantee optimal support.

Machines for Precision Optics
OptoTech has always set the standard in precision optics. Today we lead with the broadest selection of machines for the manufacturing of precision optics worldwide. We supply optics processing centers for grinding, polishing and centering/edging, correction polishing machines for achieving the highest possible quality. Whether you need a machine for round optics, plano optics, aspherics, or for the production of cylinders or the generation of freeform surfaces - We don’t just offer the right machine for the job but complete process technology to go with it.

System Supplier for the Ophthalmic Industry
Our technology and system concept provides a tailormade solution for every Rx-production facility – from the smallest “one hour store”, to large labs for industrial mass production. Our product range emphazises tapers, blockers, generators, polishers, engravers as well as automation equipment. That makes us a totally independent supplier in the industry.

Vacuum Coating Systems for Optical Components
Surface generation and coating are best done hand-in-hand. Only properly coordinated processes ensure that your products are of the highest quality.
Our product portfolio includes systems for scratch-resistant coating, antireflective coating, clean coats for ophthalmic applications, and systems for the refinement of optical components for applications in the fine and precision optics area. Testing and measuring devices for characterization of the coatings and quality control complete our product range.

Metrology for the Optical Industry
One of our core principles states “If we polish it, we must be able to measure it”. That is why OptoTech has developed a comprehensive spectrum of measuring devices.Today, OptoTech offers a unique range of workshop interferometers for spheres, aspheres and plano optics, 3D measuring machines, autocollimators and turning machines for aligning optical components. To ensure that our products are always the best in the world, we combine our equipment with only the best laser modules and measuring objectives available.