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Powering E-Mobility Onward

Schunk Automotive Day 2018 in Bad Goisern, Austria

  • Schunk Automotive Day 2018 in Bad Goisern, Austria
  • Schunk Automotive Day 2018 in Bad Goisern, Austria

Energy – a word that drives the market for mobility today and will continue to do so in the future. For our transportation is in a state of transition – we are moving away from fossil fuels and towards alternative low-emission and intelligent drive systems. But how does one bring the mega-trend of e-mobility to the streets? How does this new energy get into the automobile of tomorrow easily and quickly? And how can the energy be efficiently used there? With these questions in their luggage, numerous attendees travelled, upon invitation by Schunk Carbon Technology, to the first Schunk Automotive Day in Bad Goisern, in Austria. At this breathtaking location it was all about discovering new perspectives – not just on beautiful Lake Wolfgang but rather and in particular on the future of e-mobility and new mobility solutions.  


Schunk Carbon Technology as a pathbreaking partner

Interested attendees were even able to able to get a good impression on the first day of why Schunk Carbon Technology, with its carbon-based solutions, is known as one of the worldwide leading specialists and strategic partners in the field of e-mobility. The visit to the new Schunk Automotive Headquarters with a factory tour was a perfect kickoff for the exciting technical presentations held on the following day.  


Experts illustrate the challenges of e-mobility

The e-mobility market is changing very rapidly. What was considered a benchmark yesterday might already be outdated today – such as was the case with an example that was used in the presentation on the subject of charging. In this instance a new charging solution for automobiles was introduced that is superior to previous systems. Also in the area of the thermal management of power electronics and batteries as well as lightweight solutions, the invited experts presented cutting-edge developments. Altogether, six respected speakers from leading enterprises and institutes set out their latest findings and took an active part in the ensuing discussions.


Successful format – to be continued

Schunk Automotive Day was a complete success and created additional value for all attendees by providing current and practical information the subject of e-mobility. The special location, the relaxed atmosphere and ideal weather formed the perfect framework for two thoroughly successful days of experts congress. This much we can already say: this was not the last Schunk Automotive Day.   


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