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Low-Noise Wind Turbines

Immediate noise reduction, lasting increase in efficiency

  • Immediate noise reduction, lasting increase in efficiency
    The Power of Connection - Rely on superior carbon performance in wind energy
  • Immediate noise reduction, lasting increase in efficiency

Innovative developments in carbon technology have significantly increased the operational reliability of wind turbines while helping reduce maintenance costs and noise emissions. At Husum Wind 2019, the materials specialist Schunk Carbon Technology will be presenting its latest developments in current transmission and mechanical applications to the international audience.

Wind energy is now a global success story. The installed capacity at the end of 2017 makes up an energy-generation potential of about six percent of the world’s energy consumption. Worldwide, Germany is third, behind China and the United States, when it comes to installed wind-energy capacity. As wind energy becomes more common in our society, new challenges can arise for those tasked with operating the machines. Schunk Carbon Technology has worked side-by-side with our customer and the industry to help overcome these challenges by using our advanced materials to help with current transmission, mechanical friction and thermal application throughout the systems. Our materials have been used in multiple applications on wind systems to help the industry grow, meet local regulations and define standards for safe operation. One recent Schunk solution helped defuse a growing problem in aging wind turbines and the rise in noise associated with the yaw braking systems. 

Nearly noiseless brake pads based on carbon materials
When wind turbines are located in the vicinity of residential areas, any resistance from the local population is usually focused on noise pollution. This is not surprising when one realizes that conventional brake pads can generate up to 120 decibels when echoed down the large steel towers. That is the equivalent of an airplane taking off or a very loud rock concert. Thanks to the nearly noiseless and wear resistant brake pads for yaw brake systems made by Schunk Carbon Technology, such fears can be quieted and the proliferation of wind energy can continue. This is because Schunk’s solution works on a wear-resistant carbon basis which generates almost no abrasion. Thus, not only are the unpleasant braking sounds eliminated, but the brake pad life is greatly improved. The interior of the turbine enclosure remains significantly cleaner with the mechanical and electrical components protected from contamination. The Schunk brake pads are resistant to lubricants and generate hardly any vibration due to the stick-slip-effects. Hence, other factors which play a role in damaging system components are also eliminated. The noiseless, durable and low-maintenance solution with a reliable braking function pays of, both onshore and off. 

New, innovative carbon components from Schunk Carbon Technology continue to increase the reliability, optimize maintenance intervals and now minimize noise emissions of wind-turbine systems. Customers that work together with Schunk Carbon Technology as a partner can be confident that we will develop effective customized solutions for service needs or provide our leading carbon materials for series production. 


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