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Weiss Technik Honors Long-Time Employees

Peter R. Manolopoulos thanks long-standing employees at Reiskirchen, Balingen and Stuttgart locations

  • Peter R. Manolopoulos thanks long-standing employees at Reiskirchen, Balingen and Stuttgart locations
    Managing Director Peter R. Manolopoulos (center) with the celebrated employees from Weiss Technik.
  • Peter R. Manolopoulos thanks long-standing employees at Reiskirchen, Balingen and Stuttgart locations
    The honored employees of the Balingen and Stuttgart locations.

Weiss Technik honored its long-time employees at the Reiskirchen, Balingen and Stuttgart locations for their 25 or 40 years of company loyalty. Peter R. Manolopoulos, member of the management team of the Schunk Group and Managing Director of Weiss Technik and Vötsch Technik, personally thanked the long-standing employees for their commitment.
“The year 2018 will once again be a good year for Weiss Technik,” said Manolopoulos to the long-term employees during the celebrations in Reiskirchen and Balingen, giving a brief overview of the positive development of the Schunk Group's division.

“We have won recognition in the market as well as new customers due to our outstanding performance. The stable market development also helped us achieve this,” said Manolopoulos, while assessing the overall development of Weiss Technik. The expansion of the locations went hand in hand with the growth in the market. Due to the increase in the number of employees, the parking lot in Reiskirchen has been extended, and the expansion of the so-called “Klimadroms” has also begun. The building of a new technical center, which will house research and development, should start this year if the weather permits. Manolopoulos said that Vötsch Technik in Balingen is going to also expand and that the initial preparations for this have already begun.

“In order for Weiss Technik to continue its positive development, we must focus all our efforts on the market and our customers – while continuing to provide excellent quality and fast delivery times,” said Manolopoulos.

“More than 2,400 people work every day around the world for the success of Weiss Technik,” said Manolopoulos. “On behalf of the entire management team, I would like to thank you for your commitment,” he said to the celebrated employees.

Congratulations in Central Hesse

Manolopoulos personally congratulated the long-term employees. Bodo Wiesner was honored for his 40 years of service; Nicole Bredow, Michael Klame, Frank Markwitan, Sven Pawlitschko and Alexander Wahl have been working for Weiss Technik for 25 years.

Honors given in Balingen

At the Balingen location of Vötsch Technik, a celebration for long-standing employees took place. Irmgard Ebner, Gabriele Maulbetsch, Siegbert Schairer and Heinrich Uttenweiler looked back on 40 years of service with the company. Heidelind Daub, Rolf Küpper, Joerg Sailer, Elisabeth Stetter (Stuttgart) and Volker Vötsch were honored for 25 years of company service.



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