Schunk Group acquires Ascott Analytical Equipment

Acquisition strengthens market position in corrosion testing

  • Acquisition strengthens market position in corrosion testing
    "The two companies complement each other perfectly": Jodie Reynolds, Peter R. Manolopoulos, Adrian Wain, Peter Kuisle and Steve Smith (from left).

The Schunk Group has acquired Ascott Analytical Equipment. The British company specializes in the production and sale of equipment for corrosion testing.

Ascott is based in Tamworth in central England and produces corrosion testing equipment for the global market with a total of 30 employees. Corrosion testing is an integral part of the environmental simulation testing carried out on many products and is therefore included in many test standards. For example, automotive or aircraft manufacturers test their products or their components in so-called salt spray chambers. In these facilities, the components are sprayed with salt water or exposed to condensation water and thus tested for their corrosion resistance. This test method is also used in battery development and production for electromobility. Here, corrosion resistance is an important quality and safety feature for many products.

"Weiss Technik and Ascott complement each other perfectly".

"Ascott is a very good fit for the Schunk Group. With this purchase, we are significantly expanding the market position of our subsidiary Weiss Technik in the field of corrosion testing," Dr. Arno Roth, CEO of the Schunk Group, is pleased to say.

"With the acquisition of the corrosion specialist Ascott, we can significantly sharpen our profile in this important part of environmental simulation. Weiss Technik and Ascott together are market leaders in the global market for corrosion testing equipment," said Peter R. Manolopoulos, Member of the Executive Board of the Schunk Group and responsible for Weiss Technik, underlining the importance of the acquisition. "Weiss Technik has a particular presence in Germany and Europe, while Ascott is strong in the UK as well as America and Asia - our strategic growth regions. The two companies complement each other perfectly."

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