Consolidation of the Schunk Group businesses in Silicon, Solar, Semiconductors and LED

‘Schunk Xycarb Technology’ meets Microelectronics industry demands

  • ‘Schunk Xycarb Technology’ meets Microelectronics industry demands
Helmond, March 14, 2018 – At SEMICON China 2018, the Schunk Group announces the consolidation of capabilities of its businesses in Silicon, Solar, Semiconductors and LED. Schunk has formed one dedicated Microelectronics Business Group called: ‘Schunk Xycarb Technology’.

For over 37 years, Xycarb Ceramics is the trusted global leading supplier of Silicon Carbide coated Graphite, Quartz, Ceramic consumable products and related technology services for the Microelectronics industry. Since 1996, Xycarb Ceramics is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Schunk Group. Xycarb Ceramics produces high-tech process chamber equipment parts for leading-edge wafer manufacturing used for next-generation Semiconductors and Optoelectronics devices.

In Germany, the Schunk Group produces best-in-class solutions for Solar and Silicon crystal pulling. Schunk’s advanced technology solutions for mono-wafer and Silicon production optimize the cost of ownership by increasing service life and reducing downtime. 

Per 1st of October 2017, Schunk started with the consolidation of the Solar and Silicon business with the Xycarb Ceramics businesses in Semiconductors and LED. The new management team of Schunk Xycarb Technology consists of Mr. Peter Spit (Chairman & President Schunk Xycarb Technology, Managing Director), Dr. Stefan Schneweis, Vice President Schunk Xycarb Technology, Managing Director and Mr. Klaus Rinn, Vice President Schunk Xycarb Technology, Managing Director.

The consolidated business group offers a total range of products and solutions for the microelectronics industry, covering the whole value chain from making Silicon ingots and wafers, to fabricating actual devices. This new business group is positioned optimally, to meet the innovation and efficiency demands of the fast-developing semiconductor, thin-film and optoelectronics industries, like in the automotive, solar and memory chip markets.

Schunk is committing to these markets by creating synergies in capabilities and with the allocation of significant investments that will strengthen the business group’s various technology leadership positions.

This management change is part of the overall strategic direction of the Schunk Group to be "One Firm” and enables the creation of synergies between its widely defined core competences.

With this strategy, Schunk Xycarb Technology aims to serve our customers to the highest standards in collaboration, efficiency and leading-edge innovation. 

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