1,000 euros for Krofdorf-Gleiberg Elementary School

Schunk makes a donation to outfit the new schoolyard

  • Schunk makes a donation to outfit the new schoolyard
    Caroline Harbach (Förderverein), Dr. Stefan Trube (Schunk), Cornelia Anthes (Schulleiterin), Steven Clees (Schunk) und Juliane Wegner (Förderverein) bei der Spendenübergabe an der Grundschule Krofdorf-Gleiberg.

On Friday, Krofdorf-Gleiberg Elementary School was delighted to receive a donation of 1,000 euros from Dr. Stefan Trube, Managing Director of Schunk Sonosystems. Headquartered in Wettenberg, Schunk Sonosystems belongs to the technology-based Schunk Group. Currently, the elementary school is being extensively rebuilt, with renovations carried out on the old structure. The work is expected to be completed after the summer holidays; this will include the redesigned and newly equipped schoolyard. “We are very pleased with this donation because it is a great help in providing the schoolyard with playground and sports equipment,” said principal Cornelia Anthes at the donation ceremony.

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