High-school students – Dip a toe in the water or learn a trade

If you like working on a team and are committed and reliable, the Schunk Group has a host of opportunities to offer you.

01 Innovative technologies

Did you know that an average car contains about 6 kilometers of wiring? Do you know which hardness tests aircraft, cellular phones and navigation devices need to pass before they can be put on the market? Training with the Schunk Group provides you with insight into pioneering technologies and innovative products which are in use all around the world.

02 Intensive mentoring

Our trainers are always there for you as a contact person. At many locations, you'll learn the practical basics together with other trainees at the training center before you utilize them in practice at the specialist departments. Through company-internal instruction, we'll prepare you both for examinations and your everyday working life later on.

03 A great working environment

Teamwork and a great working atmosphere are important to us. This is why our trainees organize a Training Day together at the locations in Heuchelheim and Lindenstruth, Germany and visit schools to inform high-school students about their training professions.

04 Excursions and events

Diversion from the everyday – At the beginning of each new training year, we arrange excursions at many locations so that trainees on all levels can get to know one another better.

05 A host of opportunities for development

We provide our trainees with plenty of room for development, such as training and seminars for personal development and projects providing you with insight into areas outside your everyday working life.

06 Outstanding opportunities for continuing with the company

It's in your hands. If you've successfully completed training at the Schunk Group and are a professional and personal match, nothing stands in the way of your continuing with the company.

07 Encouragement and requirement

We want to continue encouraging you and making requirements of you even after your training ends! The Schunk Group offers a wide range of opportunities for continuing education and qualification for employees who are committed and ready to act independently.

08 Trainee video

Would you like to know what it's like to learn a profession with Schunk? Our video shows daily life of our trainees at the Heuchelheim site, where they learn the practical basics together with other trainees at the training center.

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  • 2015 national champions: Germany's top mechatronics engineer for refrigeration engineering, Yannick Zahrt, trained with Weiss Technik.
  • Schunk trainees Florian Appelt, Johannes Karkos, Matthias Braig and Kevin Hortig, took first place in the "My Future" innovation competition in 2015.
  • Technology made by Schunk also excites women and girls.
  • Carrying out experiments gives our trainees greater practical orientation during physics lessons.