High-school students – Dip a toe in the water or learn a trade

If you like working on a team and are committed and reliable, the Schunk Group has a host of opportunities to offer you.

Internship – Dip a toe in the water and gain initial experience

Not sure what your dream profession is yet? Whether you'd like to train or study? Take advantage of the opportunity and dip a toe in the water of working life through an internship for high-school students.

We continually offer internships for high-school students in a variety of fields. You can learn jobs such as filing, sawing and drilling, and our trainees will show you the trainee professions they are training for, from mechatronics engineer for refrigeration engineering to electronics engineer to cutting tool machinist.

Internships are also being offered continually in other areas, such as the physics and chemistry laboratory and the IT department.

Summer job – Earn money during your summer vacation

Are you a student of legal age who would like to earn some money during your summer break? Each year, we look for high-school and college students who are interested in a summer job at our production facilities (shift work in some cases). The minimum duration is generally four weeks.