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Dual Study Program in Materials engineering glass and ceramics (B.Eng.)

Are you interested in studying versatile materials and their applications? Then the dual study program in materials engineering glass and ceramics offers you an interesting perspective.

The special feature of ceramic materials is the combination of low weight and high chemical and thermal resistance. In the Bachelor's programme Materials Engineering Glass and Ceramics you will get to know the entire range of materials, processes and applications from silicate ceramics, oxide and non-oxide ceramics to enamel and glass materials. As an engineer in materials engineering, you will later be involved in chemical-, raw material-, material-, application-, process- and economic components.

Your perspectives:

There are many opportunities to start a career, ranging from research and development to the manufacture of ceramic products and distribution.


  • B.Eng.


  • 8 semesters


  • Hochschule Koblenz, WesterWaldCampus in Höhr-Grenzhausen