A process engineer on the compatibility of family and career

"Ideal conditions thanks to four-day weeks and flexible working hours."


Kira has been working as a process engineer for the Schunk Group since 1998. A four-day week and flexible working hours have made it a lot easier for her to get back into the workforce after the birth of her children.

"I quickly noticed that a full-time position isn't ideal for me. Thanks to Schunk's flexibility, I am able to work four-day weeks." The engineer also benefits from flexible working hours. "Sometimes Wednesday is my free day, and sometimes it's Thursday, depending on what's best for the company and for me."

Everyone wins

As Kira sees it, everyone benefits from this workweek flexibility: "I realized that taking a day off benefited not only me personally and my whole family, but my professional life as well. It has enabled me to find the ideal balance between career and family life."